Where is Boulder Utah 

Since 1968, BOSS has operated in one of the most beautiful and remote parts of the USA: the area surrounding the small town of Boulder, Utah. It is here where we begin and end all courses, using the surrounding public lands as our classroom.

Yes, you read that right, Boulder, Utah. This remote Boulder in Southcentral Utah has been our home since 1968.

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Getting to BOSS – By Plane

Courses start at noon on Sundays and end at noon on Saturdays. The closest and most convenient airport is Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC). Because Salt Lake City is 4 – 5 hours by car from BOSS, we ask that students fly into Salt Lake the day before the course starts–i.e., Saturday–and spend the night in Provo, Utah. BOSS arranges a shuttle from Provo to Boulder for the morning your course begins.

For the return trip, we suggest you fly out of Salt Lake on Sunday morning – the day after the course ends. Flying out of Utah a day later will give you time after the course ends for the 4-hour drive (or shuttle) back to Provo, where you’ll have a chance to shower, eat dinner with your coursemates, and sleep.

For example: if your course were June 13 – 19, we’d recommend you fly in on June 12th and fly out on June 20th. What times you arrive/depart are up to you, but getting into Salt Lake by 6 pm on Saturday and leaving after 10 am on Sunday gives you padding on either side of your trip in case of flight delays, etc.

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Getting to BOSS – By Car

Driving to Boulder, Utah, is pretty straightforward. Our physical address is:

615 North Highway 12 Boulder, Utah 84716

Where Is Boulder Utah? Be warned: some online map services and car GPS systems don’t think our address exists. Here’s our location in Google Maps. Our coordinates are Lat:  37.914119° Long: -111.424423°. 

As you enter Boulder Town from the north on Highway 12, our driveway entrance is the first right after you cross the cattle guard. 

If you’re coming from the south on Highway 12, when you pass the Anasazi State Park Museum (on the right), you’ll see a long, dry-stacked stone wall on the left. The second entry in the wall leads to the BOSS property. 

We ask that people driving to BOSS arrive no later than 11:30 am on Sunday, giving you 30 minutes to park, settle in, and prepare for Orientation. At the end of your course, expect to be tired. We recommend that you spend the night after your course at a hotel in the Boulder, Utah area, and not try to attempt a significant drive right after your journey ends.  

We include additional information in your course application and registration forms. If you have any travel questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact us. 

Lodging in Provo, Utah

There are several hotels options for lodging in Provo, but we recommend the Best Western Inn Plus Provo. BOSS Students get a 20% discount if they call to reserve their room.

If you decide to stay elsewhere, you’ll need to take a taxi to the Best Western Inn to catch the BOSS shuttle.

Getting from the Airport to Your Hotel

The most inexpensive way to get to Provo from the Salt Lake City Airport is via the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bus system. The trip from the airport to the Best Western Inn requires 2 -3 transfers and can take several hours. Please visit the UTA website for specific route information and schedules. 

A faster option is to reserve a ride with Xpress Shuttle Service, a private shuttle company that operates out of the SLC airport. For roughly $51 each way, they will take you from the airport directly to your Provo destination in about 1 hour.

For information and reservations, call them at
(800) 397-0773. 

The BOSS Shuttle

To make it easier for students to get from Provo to Boulder, BOSS offers a shuttle service for an additional fee of $300 (round trip). Shuttles depart from the Best Western Inn Plus Provo at 7:15 am on Sunday mornings (please check out and meet in the lobby with your belongings at 7:00 am to ensure a timely departure) and arrive in Boulder just before noon when Orientation starts. 

After a course, the shuttle leaves the BOSS property at roughly noon and arrives at the Best Western around 5 pm.

BOSS™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.