Want To Work With Us At BOSS?

Want to know how to become a survival instructor so you can work at BOSS? Our world-class instructors are all trained in-house, and many of them make their careers at BOSS.

Upon successful completion of a 14 or 28-Day Field Course, each student is evaluated by the survival instructors as a potential candidate for the BOSS apprentice program. Any candidates that meet our standards are invited to apply to work toward BOSS survival instructor certification. 

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Survival Instructor Training Program 

The BOSS survival instructor training program involves an apprentice training followed by exposure to and experience in all aspects of operations at BOSS – from working as a member of the instructor team to property maintenance, vehicle maintenance and logistical support. 

The length of the apprenticeship is variable depending on experience but typically lasts 1-2 full seasons. The apprenticeship is an unpaid position at BOSS. Upon successful completion of the apprentice program, the apprentice becomes a paid BOSS Instructor.

Fully Trained Survival Instructors

All staff at BOSS have successfully completed either a 14 or 28-Day Field Course. All instructors at BOSS are Wilderness First Responder and CPR certified. Apprentices are at a minimum Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified.

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