Interested in a life-changing challenge? Feel like seeing the world differently?

Our survival instructors are some of the most experienced and competent in the world. The challenges that our BOSS survival courses offer aren’t for everyone, but if you’re the right person and it’s the right time for you, we promise our survival classes will provide adventure, challenge and world-class instruction.

Field Courses

The BOSS Field Course has been our signature trip since 1968. There is nothing else like it: ultra-light travel through Southern Utah’s mountains, mesas and canyons with little more than a blanket, poncho, and a knife. No tents, sleeping bags, stoves, or backpacks, and definitely no watches, GPS, or cellphones. You will be physically and mentally challenged as your small group travels some of the most beautiful land in the country and learns the skills needed to survive and thrive in the deep wilderness. 

A BOSS Field Course is for those seeking to push themselves, to receive skills instruction by master instructors, and for an opportunity to reconnect with the natural world. No previous outdoor skills or knowledge is needed.

Students walking through mountains
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Skills Courses

BOSS Skills Courses are held in some of our favorite camps on the public lands surrounding our campus in Boulder, and these survival courses include day and sometimes overnight trips into nearby areas for gathering materials. Some of BOSS’s most skilled instructors will teach you primitive survival and traditional living skills like friction fire, shelter construction, cordage, edible plants, primitive pottery, and flintknapping. Instruction is hands-on and class sizes are small to ensure each student has ample access to our instructors. These courses are less physically challenging than a field course, and are more focused on practicing skills and living as a primitive village. You will leave these courses with your arms full of the products of your labor.

A skills course is for those seeking focused, hands-on time to build their primitive, traditional, and bushcraft skills in a wilderness basecamp setting. No previous outdoor skills or knowledge are needed.

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Ready for the next level? 

Hunter Gatherer survival course

The Hunter Gatherer survival courses build on the skills developed in field courses to truly live off the land in the rugged Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument for an extended period of time.

Our Hunter Gatherer courses are for experienced students of wilderness and traditional survival skills that want advanced training and experience in low-impact wilderness survival.

hunter gatherer group

Private Courses

We can build a course to meet your needs. We have created survival courses for individuals, executive teams, people seeking specific skill intensives, actors researching for roles, and more. We’ve also provided customized experiences for newspapers, magazines, television programs, and movie studios seeking content for their programming, including 20th Century Fox, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, The History Channel, VOGUE, PBS, and National Geographic Television.

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Survivalists in sand with sticks.
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