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Welcome To BOSS

We believe there is value in the "Old Ways" of doing things. Since 1968, we have offered adventurous souls the chance to learn indigenous skills in an active, hands-on environment in the spectacular landscape of Southern Utah. The Boulder Outdoor Survival School is the oldest and largest traditional living skills / survival school in the world.

The Wilderness is our Classroom

Honoring Native Wisdom

There was a time just a few generations ago when things were simpler. Food was grown locally. Resources were managed. People understood the cycle of things.

Boulder Outdoor Survival School

Today, our hyper-technological societies have produced a world in which respect for the earth and resource management are often afterthoughts. We may have gained a sense of power and control but in the process we've lost a sacred connection with the natural world.

We've forgotten that everything is interconnected and living without this awareness is, we believe, both unhealthy and unsustainable.

At BOSS, we believe there is value in the "Old Ways" of walking lightly through the wilderness and we believe that it is accessible to everyone. Our courses hope to reconnect you with it.

The skills we teach at BOSS come from native cultures around the world, cultures that sought harmony with their environment to preserve a sacred wisdom. As a result, BOSS students experience a closeness with the land, its resources and its inhabitants that teaches sustainability and respect.

There is power, beauty and balance in the ancient paths we preserve, and we sincerely invite you to join us on the trail. We hope you'll come to reconnect –– both with nature and with yourself.

For more information about our courses, please use the navigational bars at the top and right sides of each page. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you at BOSS soon.