What Is Bushcraft?

Our take on bushcraft is rooted in our mantra: “Know more, carry less.”

Bushcraft is a broad term for the skillset used to live in the wilderness using traditional and improvised tools and available natural materials.

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Bushcraft Courses

While we value the utility of a well-made tool, we believe that equipment can only get you so far. Skills, experience, and an appropriate wilderness mindset are more important. No tool can replace knowledge of the landscape, skill in gathering and shaping local materials, or a calm mental state and good decision-making.

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Bushcraft Gear

When we choose our gear, we focus on durability and functionality. We like Mora knives because they are simple, strong, easy to maintain and inexpensive. We like wool for its durability and weather resistance. Our heavy rubber ponchos serve many purposes and can take a beating. We know from experience that it is possible to thrive in the wilderness with no modern gear at all, so each item we take must truly earn its keep.

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BOSS and Our Environment

We also know that everyone who travels or lives in the wilderness has an impact on that environment. We strive to make ours a positive impact. We believe it is possible to meet our basic needs while living long-term in the wilderness and leave the environment better than we found it. BOSS has been operating in the same field area in Boulder, Utah for 50 years and we have proof that it is.

BOSS™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.