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The Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) has delivered immersive, wilderness-based experiences to adventurous people from around the world since 1968. Read what the media have to say about our wilderness courses and what BOSS instructors have to say about real-life survival situations.

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CNN Travel, May 2019

In 2019 CNN Travel named the BOSS 28-day field course one of the world’s most extreme odysseys. This course is known as the gold standard for challenging wilderness courses.


Outside, Oct 2018

In 2018, Outside Magazine included the BOSS 7-day field course in its “ultimate course catalog for a continuing education in the outdoors”. 


Kuhl Outsiders

In 2017, Kuhl highlighted BOSS for its rugged and challenging courses, and for the diverse students we attract.


Hiconsumption, Jul 2017

In 2017, Hiconsumption named BOSS as one of the 12 best survival schools, and noted that it is “one of the most highly recommended outdoor survival schools out there.”


GEO (French), Sep 2015

France’s GEO magazine sent a crew out to take a 7-day field course, and highlighted it in their September 2015 issue.


The Guardian, Jul 2013

In 2013, The Guardian asked Laurel Holding to write an article about survival skills for their publication.


Vogue, Nov 2009

In 2009, Vogue Magazine sent Hamish Bowles to have his own BOSS experience. He wrote a feature about it in the November issue.

“My life had changed in a quiet but primal way.”


Men’s Health, Feb 1996

In 1995, Men’s Health sent Joe Kita to take a 7-day field course. He wrote a feature for the February 1996 issue. 

“Survival camp teaches you a lot about nature, but even more about the nature of man.”


Backpacker, Sept 1999

A profile of Cody Lundin, a prior BOSS instructor, with skills advice and survival strategy recommendations.



Shape, March 1998

In 1997, Shape Magazine sent Catherine Fredman to take a BOSS course. They published her feature in the March 1998 issue.

“The desert may seem harsh and forbidding—like a vast sandbox without mercy. But go in with the right skills and knowledge, and you’re likely to find beauty, truth—and maybe even a lost part of yourself.”


Mountain Living, Aug 1999

In 1998, Mountain Living sent Steve Law to take a 14-day field course. They published his article in August 1999.

“A two week crash course at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School teaches students how to subsist in the wild with nothing but a knife.”


Marie Claire, Dec 2000

In preparation for their upcoming roles in Charlie’s Angels, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz studied with BOSS. An account of their experiences was published in Marie Claire in December 2000


Mens Fitness, July 1996

 In 1996, Men’s Fitness sent contributor Catherine Fredman to take a BOSS course.

“I had learned to push beyond what I considered my physical limits and discovered an unsuspected well of inner strength.”

mens fitness

Men’s Fitness, Aug 2001

Men’s fitness has worked with The Boulder Outdoor Survival School on multiple occasions. In 2001 it sent Editor Mark Thorpe to take a 14-day field course.

“You’ll learn to peel back opaque layers of desert life and develop a comfort level you don’t anticipate.”


Jane, Dec 1998

In 1998, Jane magazine sent Gigi Guerra to an all-woman BOSS course.

“I suddenly realize how awesome it feels to lose touch with the superficial things I’ve learned–while getting closer to those that are much more instinctual.”


Boulder, Winter/Spring 2001-2002

Up for a challenge?

The challenges that The Boulder Outdoor Survival School offers aren’t for everyone. But for those for whom it is the right challenge and at the right time, we promise adventure, challenge, and world-class instruction.

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