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7-Day Alumni Expedition

About the Course

The 7-Day Alumni Expedition is an exclusive benefit for BOSS Alumni and their family members and friends.

This is your chance to reconnect with your BOSS experience and the wilderness surrounding Boulder, Utah but without the Impact or Final Challenge phases, severely limited rations or strictly minimal gear. It’s also your opportunity to share aspects of your BOSS experience with loved ones. As long as your guests are 18+ and physically capable of hiking up to 3-8 miles a day they are welcome to join the expedition and get a taste of BOSS. 

You will receive a gear list that will allow for some personalization and modern backpacking “amenities”, should you wish. Breakfasts and dinners on the trail will be provided by BOSS and will likely hearken back to the rations you remember—fondly, we hope!—but with some tasty additions. Lunch and trail snacks will be up to you! The Basecamp phase of the course will involve some more elaborate meals utilizing primitive cooking techniques.

Although you will enjoy more food and creature comforts and a more relaxed approach to the BOSS experience, rest assured it will still be an adventurous, memorable week. Expect to break a sweat!

Course Phases

Phase Description
Custom Orientation Introductions and abbreviated course orientation with your Instructor team, gear review & purchase.
Group Expedition Bypassing the typical Impact phase, the group covers 4-8 miles a day, setting up camp and collaborating on meals cooked over a campfire. A time for on-the-trail instruction, refreshing skills you need to comfortably thrive in the desert and mountains.
Basecamp A period of recuperation from the vigorous days of travel and a chance to learn additional primitive cooking techniques.
Solo Placed in your own Solo site, you will apply your skills and enjoy some solitude.
Student Expedition Time and route permitting, you and your coursemates may be given the opportunity to travel instructor-free to a specific destination.
Celebration Congratulations! Time permitting and depending on the preferences of the group, a traditional steam lodge may be in order.

Please note: Because each course is different and will experience different combinations of weather patterns, student abilities, and ground conditions, phases may be adjusted before or during a course.

Skills Covered

This can be tailored to the group’s wishes. Expect a review of the skills taught on BOSS Field Courses and then some.

Scholarships Available

BOSS offers tuition discounts and scholarships to qualifying applicants.