Poncho, Military Surplus – Rental


Rental Only – Military surplus, durable, rubber-coated poncho.



On the trail at BOSS, your poncho is a raincoat, ground cloth, tent, wind break, bivvy sack, water collector, blanketpack protector, etc.—an all around excellent item to have with you and an important item to select carefully.

We are currently renting medium-weight, rubber coated ponchos that have a seam-sealed hood and drawstring closure to keep water from running down your shirt when it gets stormy. Eight heavy-duty stud snaps along both sides make it functional as a bivvy sack or to join it with another poncho for a two-person shelter. Reinforced edges with heavy-duty grommets at each corner as well as one in the center of each side, also allow you to tie it down as a tarp or suspend it as a fly. These are the real deal—military surplus, not newly manufactured.

There is currently a shortage due to a number of factors. Conflicts in Europe have stalled supply chains, and the vintage rubber coated version is harder to find in a usable condition. The rental poncho you will receive may be patched or have other repairs as it has been circulated, inspected, and subsequently repaired. Due to age, wear, and tear this item may need further repair. We strongly suggest that you inspect your rental prior to departure and exchange or bring the poncho to our store for repair at that time.

We also strongly urge you to consider investing in your own quality poncho that meets the above listed specs. Military surplus shops may have items and not list them online and so we encourage you to visit your closest shop to find your very own. Search for a rubberized “German” Poncho with grommets, stud snaps, reinforced seams, and a hood.