Pendleton Camp Blanket


Size: 66″ x 84″. 86% wool / 14% cotton spun warp.

Colors: Assorted Stock



The Pendleton Yakima twin blanket. This is the blanket of choice of instructors because of its loft, warmth, toughness, and softness. Originally designed to meet the demands of the wilds of the pacific northwest, these blankets are tough enough to survive a 28-day Field Course and still be in good enough shape to take home to use everyday.

True to the BOSS philosophy of multi-purpose equipment, a blanket is your bed at night and your pack during the day. For those who want the ultimate in warmth, comfort and style on the trail, the Pendleton Yakima wool blanket has plenty of loft to help insulate and keep you warm at night. The weave is tight, and the light use of cotton makes this feel soft and smooth against your skin. Even people sensitive to wool enjoy sleeping on the trail in these comfortable blankets.

We carry assorted colors; choose your favorite color when you arrive.