A note from John D:

Hello BOSS et al,

I am interested in taking the 14-day course as a way to reconnect and help with a transitional period in my life. I have taken a course through you many moons ago (2013 I think), and remember feeling a profound sense of connection to the earth, myself, and life in general. I can’t remember feeling anything like it since, I feel like I have lost something I can’t seem to locate despite my searching.

During my 21 years in the army and coast guard I circumnavigated the world on a boat and sailed to every continent. I have traveled to both the arctic and Antarctic and spent more than 6 years at sea traveling the world. However, oddly, some of the most profound memories I have reside in the feelings I had during and just after the completion of the BOSS course long ago.

I remember walking with our group, talking with a friend and leading from the back. Our guides had left us to put in to practice the things we had learned over the previous week.  I remember seeing and recognizing people who were perfect strangers a little more than a week prior–I could discern who was who by their walk, their call, and by their silhouette. We had learned to confront difficult decisions and resolve them without conflict; and exercised our bodies with the labor it took to walk and climb and scramble all those miles. I witnessed a change in myself from being headstrong to becoming more open, from being guarded to becoming more comfortable with who I was and how I felt. The irony for me came when I realized that what I felt in those days was amazing, but slowly slipped away as I moved further from my experiences; back into a world that doesn’t seem to teach the virtues I learned here. I wish to recapture some of what I learned then and make it a stronger part of my new life both as a human and a parent. 

Having four kids–two homeschooled, one in college and one recently graduated–I was wondering about your tuition assistance program and how I could apply, as funding within the family is limited.

Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you,

John D.


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