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This part of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is so rugged and difficult to navigate that it was part of the last region in the lower 48 states to be mapped by the USGS. The majority of these winding, precipitous canyons flow eventually into the Escalante River, which in turn flows south and east to Lake Powell and the Colorado River.

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Survival Skills, Experience And Detailed Knowledge Of The Land

Our course area is within more than a million acres of these canyons, sandy washes, sage flats, white sandstone moonscapes, hoodoo fields, lonely mesas and petrified dunes. With more than 50 years roaming this landscape, we have the experience and detailed knowledge of the land necessary to delve deep into the heart of this remote and rarely traveled desert. It is not uncommon for our courses to return from the wilderness having seen few, if any, other human beings.

This is part of the landscape that Wallace Stegner so famously argued to protect in his Wilderness Letter in 1960, which became instrumental in the drafting and passage of the Wilderness Act of 1964. 

grand staircase-escalante national monument
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