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Will you help BOSS?

Donating to BOSS

If you loved your BOSS experience, or if you love that BOSS is in the world, your donation can help ensure that BOSS programs continue long into the future.

Your donation to the Boulder Outdoor Survival School directly benefits future students.


Financial Aid

Not everyone who should be out in the field with BOSS has the financial means to make it happen. The BOSS financial aid program, which is funded entirely by donations like yours, offers grants to help qualified students with their tuition on any BOSS course.

See some of the financial aid recipients from recent years here.


As a small nonprofit, we choose to direct as much of our resources as possible to our programming and the impact we can have on our students. We purchased the land we operate on in 2018 thanks to the enormous generosity of our alumni, and by taking out a loan. Paying our mortgage is now a significant cost for our small nonprofit. Any help you give takes the pressure off and keeps us focused on our mission.


This school has always operated on the love and dedication of our staff, and we have always put as much of our resources towards our programs as we can. We try to strictly adhere to our principle to do more with less. We still use trucks that are older than many of our instructors, and operate out of yurts and other structures that allow us to live and work close to the land. When these things need repairing, we can feel the stretch!

Students often come to BOSS because their parents recommended it, because they took their own course in years past. Now we're getting students who come because their grandparents recommend it.

One of our first donors from our 2018 fund drive said of his reason for donating simply, "I am a BOSS Alumni, 28-day Field Course, July 1980."

You can help ensure the experiences of many more generations of BOSS students.

Please, donate now.

We are deeply grateful for any donation amount. Here are a few ways to visualize your impact:
$70 can pay for rations for a 7-day student! $140 can pay for one staff day of professional development! $500 can give financial aid to a 7-day student! $1,000 can pay a senior instructor on a 7-day course! $2,000 can buy 100lbs of lentils! $5,000 can pay instructors developing a new course! $35,000 can pay BOSS's mortgage for a year!

Thank you for supporting BOSS!