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Will you help us?


Dear BOSS Alumni and Friends,

The land where BOSS students have started and finished their courses for the last 20 years is called Schoolhouse Property, named after Schoolhouse Ledge to the west. This year, BOSS’s lease was not renewed and Schoolhouse Property went up for sale.    

You can be sure this triggered our homing instincts. Right now BOSS faces a stark reality — buy the land or move. Although you know BOSS will survive no matter what (we’re experts in survival after all), a permanent home will give us the stability to do what we do best: provide powerful, life-changing experiences in the wilderness surrounding Boulder, Utah.

We humbly request your help in buying Schoolhouse Property.

With the incredible financial backing of a BOSS alumnus who has fronted a downpayment, we’ve been able to secure a bank loan for the remaining $300,000. We are prepared to carry this, but we’re also keenly aware of the importance of paying down the principal if we can.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by December 23rd.

Laurel Holding (Master Instructor and Director of Program Development) and I are kicking off this drive with a combined $7000 personal donation. We both support our favorite causes, but as career educators, this is the biggest single donation either of us has ever made. But this purchase is a critical step toward the future of BOSS, and the future of our students. And we are committed to show not just in words but in action that Team BOSS is prepared to sacrifice, to work, and to risk.

If you’ve taken a BOSS course in the last 20 years, you’ve spent time at 615 N Highway 12. Maybe you remember trying to listen to an orientation talk while brushing off hundreds of tiny ants. Or you huddled in the store yurt while a thunder storm raged outside. Or you crawled out of a sweat lodge after your course and steamed under the cottonwoods before jumping in the pond.

This land has been the start and finish for the wilderness journeys of more than 5,000 students! With your help, Schoolhouse Property will shelter our beloved school, the BOSS family, and thousands of students well into a very bright future.


Please join us and donate to secure BOSS’s permanent home.

Sincerely, Eli Loomis Executive Director


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