“I know BOSS runs on a pretty lean budget, so I wanted to contribute in an effort to make things a little easier. I had an unforgettable experience with BOSS, one that vastly exceeded my expectations and one I will never forget. The instructors foster an environment that allows the students to learn and be challenged, while also providing for emotional and personal discovery. I enjoyed one of the happiest moments of my life during my BOSS course, and if my donation allows someone to have a similar experience, it’s all the more meaningful.”
-V. Silveira, BOSS Alum, Donor to BOSS

Donations made to BOSS are tax-deductible, made possible through the Community Foundation of Utah, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit serving the larger Utah Community. Funds donated will go directly to BOSS.  Click the link above to make a donation by credit card, or you can mail a check made out to “Community Foundation of Utah” with “Boulder Outdoor Survival School” in the memo. The mailing address is Community Foundation of Utah, 2257 South 1100 East, Suite 205, Salt Lake City, UT 84106.

Please note that all tax receipts will be issued by the Community Foundation of Utah, not the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

Patrons of BOSS (2017)


Our deepest appreciation to our Alumni Donors and Friends of BOSS (and Proud BOSS Parents!) who have supported BOSS’s transition to a Non-Profit.  Many of you have been pitching in since our earliest forays (2014) into charitable pursuits.  Your support means everything to us.

Amir Abu-Khalil
Adducci Family Foundation
Hans Anger
Anonymous, so many!
Mike Balioni
Michael Banker
William Bartlett
Kelly Bayas
Nikhil Bhatla
Karolin Beck
Steve Blessing
Kyle Boelte
Mark Boland
Stu Bohart
Jonathan Casey
Frank Chambers
Ford Church
Rusty Clark
Bruce Cornett
Mori Costantino
Sarah Councell
Kirk Cunningham
Stephen Daniel-Karpik
Michael Denisoff
Ron Dessinger
Steve Dessinger
Charles Dieker
Jean Donati
Craig Drake
Margaret Eisenberg
Bill Ewing
Jessica EwingLynda Fontaine
Kris & Tom Foster
Patricia Frick
Jessie Gelpke
Stephen Godfrey
Aaron Gordon
Joshua Gordon-Blake
Olivia Gradess
Kris Green
Allen Hack
Michael Henman
Laurel Holding
Jennifer Jurkowski
Paul Kim
Nick Kittle
Key Kolb
Larry Kollath
Morgan Koth
James Kroner
Christy LaVanway
Gary Lindberg
Richard Lucarelli
Jack Machen
Phil Mazo
Artie McConnell
Andrew Mehler
Brian Meyers
Tyler Montgomery
Susan Moore
Crispian Mudd
Tyler Murchie
Michela Nonis (in memory of Michael Moss, N-74, 2012)Tunlin Ou
Tessa Pack
Ben Pickrel
Susan Richards
James Roach
Patrick Sabatini
Mark Schafer
Adam Schleifer
Scott Schumaker
Mark Silow
Doug Stalker
Reed Stutz
Perry Tancredi
Bill Teng
Stephen Ulinski
Daniel Wesemann
Peter Zapf
Shane Zenner