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Course fees

We know that taking a BOSS course is a big financial investment, and we do not take that lightly. Just as we teach in the field, we strive to always do more with less, make sure that everything we carry (or buy) is well-justified, and continually re-examine our operation to ensure the focus of our efforts and expenses are on you and your experience in the field.

BOSS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational institution. One hundred percent of your course fees are used for operating the school and providing the gold-standard programs that BOSS has been known for since 1968.

Here is where your course fees go
(A breakdown of the BOSS yearly budget)
Land, utilities, maintenance, vehicles11.88%
Permits & insurance8.99%
Bank fees, office expenses, accounting, legal4.61%
Course supplies and food4.52%

*This includes field instructor pay, backup and logistics pay, and administrative pay.

BOSS staff

Paying BOSS staff is our biggest expense (and we’re happy that it is). Still, the work your instructors and those that support them do is a labor of love. We all know we could make more money at other jobs, but we choose to work at BOSS because we believe in what we do.

Every BOSS course is staffed with experts. Many of our instructors are internationally renowned and consult on projects around the world. Each course is staffed by two to three instructors with a lean crew operating in the background to run logistics. We have two part-time administrators and one full-time. All of them are BOSS instructors. We are proud to have a very low administrative overhead.

The BOSS Mission

The Boulder Outdoor Survival School is a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to the instruction and preservation of traditional living skills and the development of people through experiences within the natural world.

The BOSS staff
Your fearless instructors

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