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Steve Dessinger

survival camping trips
First Year at BOSS: 2001
Current Position: Master Instructor, Director of Operations
Hometown: Waterloo, Iowa
Currently Resides In: Las Vegas, Nevada

I came to BOSS because:

Having worked as a wilderness leader at other programs, I enjoyed trying to get by with a minimal amount of gear. I felt more free. I came to broaden my knowledge of primitive skills.

I teach at BOSS because:

I teach at BOSS because it is the most effective vehicle I have experienced to put people in “human context.” In other words, modern American Society is not a context humans evolved in and has negative effects on us. Experiencing a more “human” context can give clarity and help people realize what’s important in their lives.

About Steve Dessinger:

Steve has taught and worked in the wilderness guiding and outdoor industry since 1988. He designed and built his own off-the-grid home. Electricity, heating, refrigeration, and human waste management are all produced/processed on site. Plus, Steve has a private pilot’s license.
BOSS™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.