Sarah Brooks

Rick Spicer

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First Year at BOSS: 2019
Current Position: Instructor
Hometown: Fayetteville, AR
Currently Resides In: Fayetteville, AR

I came to BOSS because:

BOSS has a deep heritage in the wilderness skills community and operates in a stunning backcountry setting. I wanted to be part of that heritage. I’m always looking for meaningful experiences that allow me to connect with my past and prepare me for the future. BOSS does exactly this, and much more.

I teach at BOSS because:

I teach at BOSS to draw from the deep well of knowledge of my co-instructors and for the opportunity to travel across a unique wilderness landscape. I have met so many great people, both students and instructors, over the years that keep me coming back to this remote corner of Utah.

About Rick Spicer:

Rick is co-owner of the Pack Rat Outdoor Center in Arkansas and the director of a wilderness skills adventure race called the Brewha Bushwhack. He loves traditional bow hunting, mountaineering, and canyoneering. Spending time outside with his family and friends is a priority in his life and he loves teaching because he believes that knowledge is incomplete until it is passed on.

BOSS™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.