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Max Fuller

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First Year at BOSS: 2013
Current Position: Instructor
Hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Currently Resides In: Bozeman, Montana

I came to BOSS because:

I have always been drawn to life in the outdoors, and in my early twenties I began to spend a lot more time in the backcountry. I picked up a good deal of outdoor experience through courses with other organizations as well as my own travels, but all of my adventures were reliant on modern equipment. This left me in search of an organization that taught more primitive skills in addition to offering the challenge of learning these skills in a setting in which they are necessary for the task at hand. BOSS was exactly what I was searching for, and my 28-day course in 2012 gave me not only what I was searching for, but a great deal more than I expected. 

I teach at BOSS because:

As the world gets more complicated, and the human race strays further away from our roots and connection to the natural world, BOSS offers a means of stripping away the attachments of one’s day-to-day existence in society in order to become present with the world around oneself. For me, it’s like hitting a reset button every year, and it gives me the opportunity to gain a new perspective on my daily life when I’m not in the wilderness of southern Utah. I feel truly lucky to be able to share this with the students that come to BOSS. There is great satisfaction in seeing a person learning a new skill for the first time, but seeing someone’s newfound appreciation and perspective on themselves and the world around them is why I truly enjoy teaching at BOSS.

About Max Fuller:

I’ve spent most of my life living in the Rockies, and all of my favorite activities revolve around being in the mountains. I went to college in Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree studying world religions, which gave me some insight on the world at large as well as myself. I’ve been a snowboard instructor for the last 7 winters, in both New Mexico and Montana. I spent a few summers leading backpacking trips for middle-schoolers, and used the opportunity to introduce them to primitive skills and other BOSS teachings. I spend a lot of my time building houses, but my true passion lies in sharing the joys of outdoor adventure with others. 

BOSS™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.