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Baret Bailey

survival camping trips
First Year at BOSS: 2011
Current Position: Apprentice Instructor
Hometown: Woodstock, Illinois
Currently Resides In: Crystal Lake, Illinois

I came to BOSS because:

I came to BOSS because I wanted to improve my wilderness skills. I had backpacked for many years but wanted to be truly comfortable in the wild. I hoped BOSS would give me the confidence so that I could face any challenge that arose.

I teach at BOSS because:

I came out of my first BOSS course with so much more than expected. A sense of calm, renewed energy, and a feeling of reconnecting with nature, myself, and other people. The chance to provide someone else with the same experience brings me back.

About Baret Bailey:

I work as a high school science teacher when I’m not tromping around Utah. I have a lot of hobbies and worked an entirely different job before teaching at BOSS. Come on a course and you can ask me about it.

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