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The first step in any BOSS journey is picking your course dates and getting in touch with us. You can apply using the form below, or give us call at 800.335.7404.

Your information will be sent to our office and a knowledgable member of the BOSS staff with reach out within a few hours (next business day, if on a weekend) – by phone or email – so that we can discuss your course interest, check availability and confirm your registration.

In order to register, a deposit of $750 for a 28-Day Field course or $550 for all other courses will be required. You can place this deposit with us using a MasterCard or VISA, but we’ll review all of this once we’ve contacted you and discussed things.

14-Day Field Course

Code: J-121. Dates: July 29 to August 11, 2018. View full schedule

Optional Information

Please provide search terms, names, or other information that help us know how you found us.