Alumni Expedition

Reconnect with your BOSS experience –
all gain, no pain

The 7-Day Alumni Expedition is an exclusive benefit for BOSS alumni and their family members and friends.

This is your chance to reconnect with your BOSS experience and the wilderness surrounding Boulder, Utah, but this time without the Impact or Final Challenge phases, limited rations or stringently minimal gear BOSS field courses are known for. This wilderness course is also your opportunity to share your BOSS experience with your loved ones. As long as your guests are 18 years old or older and capable of hiking up to 3-8 miles a day, they are welcome to join the expedition. 

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About the Course

The focus of this wilderness course is on exploring the stunning and rugged terrain you remember from your student course, and on refreshing any of the BOSS skills you want to practice. Every year this course will take a different route to explore as many of our favorite desert and mountain locations as possible.

Before the course begins, you will receive a gear list to help you pack. Unlike our standard field courses, this list allows for some personalization and modern backpacking “amenities” should you wish. Breakfasts and dinners on the trail will be provided by BOSS and will likely hearken back to the rations you remember – fondly, we hope! – but with some tasty additions. Lunches and trail snacks will be up to you. The Basecamp phase of the course will involve some more elaborate meals using primitive cooking techniques.

Although you will enjoy more food and creature comforts and a more relaxed approach to the BOSS experience, rest assured it will still be an adventurous, memorable week. Expect to break a sweat!

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Course Highlights

  • Revisit your BOSS experience
  • Bring friends and family (age 18+) to share in the adventure
  • Travel the rugged, remote backcountry surrounding Boulder, Utah
  • Travel through some of our favorite places in the area, far off the beaten (or any) path
  • Refresh your field skills under the instruction of seasoned BOSS staff
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Know More, Carry Less

In line with the BOSS Positive Impact philosophy, the Alumni Expedition emphasizes the use of renewable, natural, and local resources. We will focus on refreshing your skills to allow you to thrive in comfort using less gear and more local knowledge and skill.

Skills Covered

This wilderness course can be tailored to the group’s wishes. Expect a review of the skills taught on BOSS Field Courses and then some.

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  • You must have completed a BOSS course prior to joining an alumni expedition (but you can bring guests who have not).
  • BOSS requires that all course applicants undergo a complete physical examination and receive their physician’s approval in writing prior to final acceptance on the course.
  • All course participants must be 18 years of age or older.
This course is not on the schedule at the moment.

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Tuition Assistance Available

BOSS offers tuition assistance to qualifying applicants. For more information, see here:

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