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Custom Courses

Looking for a personalized BOSS course? BOSS Custom Courses are designed specifically to meet your needs. In recent years, we’ve created a number of custom courses for Boy Scout troops, non-profit foundations, and even for people who just want to enjoy a modified BOSS experience. This category also includes the work we’ve done for newspapers and magazines, television programs, and movie studios, including 20th Century Fox, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, The History Channel, and National Geographic Television.

About The Course

“Dear Josh, thank you so much for leading Hamish [Bowles] on such an eye-opening adventure. I hope you enjoy his account of the journey as much as I did.” – Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief, VOGUE Magazine “Josh, you and your team were great. Thanks for your enthusiasm and expertise. We’d love to learn to survive with you guys after LOST.” – Nancy Stern, Executive Producer, NBC’s LOST “I feel really grateful I got to go through this experience. You guys were great.” – Lucy Liu, actress “Top notch. Thanks so much for creating a great trip for us, Josh.” – Max Block, Producer, National Geographic Television Custom Course Options at BOSS Over the years, we’ve put together some incredible events and courses for all types of groups, from 2-hour workshops to 7-day private courses. The customized versions of our courses give you the ability to create a BOSS experience to meet your exact needs, whether it’s based on timing, group size, location, or course content. We can do “typical” BOSS courses that involve desert travel and survival skills, or we can add more personal elements to bring a high-degree of customization to your special event: corporate events, teambuilding exercises, private media trips, celebrity/VIP getaways. Prices are quoted on a per person/per day or gross basis, and we’re very good at working within your budget to create exactly the experience you are looking for. Please contact Jenny Stein directly so that you and she can discuss your needs and, hopefully, begin making plans to get your family, company, or organization out on the trail at BOSS this year.

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