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Student Testimonials

Since 1968, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School has delivered life-changing, wilderness-based experiences to adventurous people from around the world. Here’s what our students have to say about BOSS…
“The BOSS Field Course was extremely challenging, both inwardly and outwardly. I wish I had taken it in my 20’s…and again in my 30’s…and again in my 40’s…” – P. Alves, Field course alum
“I believe BOSS has had the greatest effect on me – more than anything else I’ve done. I’ve been to China, Bolivia, Europe, etc., and yet none of these compare to what BOSS’s 28-Day Field Course has done for me. It’s been almost three years since I was in Boulder, Utah, and yet I think about it every day. ” – J. Dart, Field & Explorer course alum
“The most challenging seven days of my life – with lessons that will last a lifetime. I’ll definitely be back!” – C. Mercy, Field course alum
“My two weeks at BOSS made me feel good like after a 6-month vacation. I learned a lot and I am looking to go again! My best time ever! Excellent staff!” – P. Heitz, Field & Skills course alum
“Not a day has gone by that I haven’t applied the skills learned at BOSS – from cooking to map reading, to my own impression of myself and the world around me. My life is forever changed. Thank you.” – K. Strobel, Field course alum
“it’s not every day you have an experience that meets and surpasses your wildest expectations but my 28 day field course with BOSS was without a doubt one of the best, most fulfilling experiences of my entire life. It’s not just the skills learned, it’s not just the hardship. It’s the journey and people you share it with.” – M. Millan, Field course alum
“I started my BOSS course with certain expectations. BOSS exceeded all of them.” – B. Puskar, Field and Explorer course alum
“Knowledgeable, available staff. Great locations. If you are over 50, you CAN fit in!” – G. Yarne, Skills course alum
“I’ve taken and led lots of courses in the wilderness, from Asia to Antarctica. BOSS is hands-down the best. It’s in a different league. There’s a reason people come from around the world to this remote corner of Utah.” – E. Loomis, Field course alum
“Congratulations, BOSS! You exceeded my expectations! The 7-Day Field Course was challenging, inspiring, and educational. Your instructors are top notch, the trip was well planned, and the scenery incredible.” – D. Williams, Field course alum
“The mosquito bites and the scratches are gone. The beard had been shaved, a few pounds have reappeared, but the feelings I experienced are still growing and getting stronger…I can’t wait to return!” – R. Baumann, Field course alum
“In the age of gadgets and brand names, you educate with the adventure of early technology. I experienced the quality of living in nature, rather than merely traveling through it.” – M. Troskey, Training and Skills course alum
“A fantastic opportunity to redefine your relationship with nature, others, and yourself. BOSS changes your perspective!” – S. Masciarelli, Field Course alum
“I’ve taken other outdoor and survival courses, but the BOSS courses were the best. The instructors were excellent and really cared about each participant.” – S. O’Conner, Field, Skills & Explorer course alum
“What’s the hardest part about the 28-Day Field Course? Is it the long distances one must hike? The search for water each day? The cold nights and blistering days? No. It’s the daydreaming…the daydreaming about my time in the desert, and about the day I will return to BOSS.” – J. Rux, Field course alum
“(At BOSS) I felt, for the first time, a connection to ‘mother earth.’ At night, I was able to finally understand and literally see why our ancestors were in awe of the night sky… I experienced first hand the ancient Sanskrit saying “Tat Tvan Asi” – Thought Art That.” – P. Halter, Field and Explorer course alum
“I had reached a point in my life where I could either sit back and watch life pass me by or reach out, grab the brass ring and hang on for the ride of a lifetime. BOSS was that brass ring and filled me with such an excitement for life that I have since challenged myself in many other ways, and hope to continue to do so for the rest of my life.” – K. Mason, Field and Explorer course alum
“BOSS provides a rare opportunity where a person can truly learn about him/herself. Once you graduate from BOSS you are a member of the BOSS family.” – B. Walsh, Explorer course alum
“My BOSS experience provided me a concrete REAL framework that truly illustrates many principles of leadership… BOSS gave me this foundation in a real tangible way and is the ultimate in experiential learning.” – J. Settlage, Field course alum
“When I finally made fire for the first time, I felt an awesome respect for this mystical fusion of heat and light.” – C. Miller , Field course alum
“I was hungry, thirsty, and exhausted…but the exhilaration of accomplishing our objectives made it all worth it.” – M. Kennedy, Field course alum
“It was a life changing experience for me, helped to set me on a more courageous and meaningful path in life.” – R. Adducci, Field course alum
“The course was a life experience that was the hardest thing I have ever done. It was an experience for my spirit like very few things in our modern world – it taught me basic lessons of life and nature. I can’t wait to do more courses with BOSS.” – J. Garey-Sage, Field, Skills & Explorer course alum
“The feeling of freedom I found on that walk back into society—and into my life—has stayed with me now months later. When I returned to New Mexico a few days later, the woman in whose house I was staying commented, ‘I believe you’re the most content human being I’ve ever met.’ She was right.” – T. Boehm, Field course alum
“My experience at BOSS was one of the most monumental journeys of my life. I’ve been longing to get back and join another course.” – S. Tangredi, Field & Hunter-gatherer course alum