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At BOSS, we recognize that the quality of your experience with us depends on the quality of your instructors. Learn more about our current staff and what it takes to work for BOSS.

Eli Loomis

Eli Loomis
First year at boss


Current Position:



Duvall, WA


Bellingham, WA


After years of teaching wilderness skills and leading backcountry trips in the glacial valleys of remote Montana, I found I had a growing desire to connect more deeply with the wilderness I loved and relax my reliance on modern tools and elaborate technology. In almost every circle of like-minded folks, the BOSS field courses came up as the gold standard for wilderness training and connection. I signed up.


I did not expect my student course to have such a profound impact on me. I can’t say if it was the elegant structure of the course, the remarkable skill and genuine joy of my instructors, or the huge, stark, aliveness of the Utah desert and mountains. I jumped at the opportunity to join the BOSS staff. I feel lucky to continue to learn from my fellow instructors, to explore the wilds of Southern Utah, and that I can help to guide BOSS students in their own journeys with BOSS.

Interesting Trivia about Eli:

  • Eli has spent a year of his life in Antarctica, walked with penguins, and was the official farmer of the South Pole.

  • Eli is a professor of Environmental Science and Biology in Bellingham, WA when he is not teaching at BOSS.

  • Eli makes an excellent parter for a three-legged race. Good rhythm.