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Randy Champagne

Randy Champagne
  • First Year at BOSS: 2008
  • Current Position: Advanced Instructor
  • Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
  • Currently Resides In: Boulder, Utah

I came to BOSS Because…

At a young age I wanted to learn the skills of our ancestors and began practicing what I could find in old boy scout manuals, field guides, and generally just playing in the woods. I wanted to learn how one could truly exist with the earth, instead of being engaged in a constant battle with it or shutting yourself off from it completely. BOSS seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more about myself and my relationship to the natural world… and it is.

I Teach at BOSS Because…

It provides me an opportunity to help others have an experience that might change their perception of themselves and the world. It also gives me the chance to constantly push myself away from what is comfortable and grow as a person.

Interesting Trivia about Randy:

  • Favorite food is his Grandmothers gnocchi’s.
  • Favorite reading categories include conspiracy, metaphysical, and adventure.
  • Can be found daily at the “BOSS rock gym” throwing around heavy rocks, logs, and kettle bells.