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Pam Furches

Pam Furches
  • First Year at BOSS: 2010
  • Current Position: Apprentice Instructor, Shuttle Coordinator & Garden Manager
  • Hometown: Oxford, Pennsylvania
  • Currently Resides In: Boulder, Utah

I came to BOSS Because…

My husband, Matt, and I decided on a lifestyle/career change in 2008. He has chosen a path as a primitive skills instructor and that road has led us to BOSS. I began a freelance graphic design business and decided to rethink the way I live by weaving healthier day-to-day practices into my lifestyle. BOSS has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on everything from primitive skills to raising chickens and tending the community garden. BOSS offers a vast pool of knowledge as shown by the diversity of the staff and I am excited to be a part of the group!

I Teach at BOSS Because…

Sharing knowledge, fostering stewardship for the land, building community, and empowering humanity are all elements of the BOSS experience. The instructors I have met are inspirational in their passion, creativity, and insight in direct relationship to the natural world. My student course allowed me to see the heart of BOSS. Teaching here is a way to continue learning and honing my skills all while giving back to the students and BOSS community.

Interesting Trivia about Pam:

  • Pam is a member of the Utah Master Gardeners & the Southern Utah Watercolor Society.
  • Pam’s first sea kayaking adventure was a 17-mile north shore paddle in Kauai, HI.
  • She studied various types of dance for 14 years at a studio in Oxford, PA.
  • Her favorite inspirational places are the Musée d’Orsay and the Barnes Foundation and now the state of Utah!
  • Pam is a foodie and will try anything at least once, but her favorite restaurant is Majolica in Phoenixville, PA.

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