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Michael Tarallo

Michael Tarallo

  • First Year at BOSS: 2015
  • Current Position: Instructor
  • Hometown: Vienna, VA
  • Currently Resides In: Flagstaff, AZ

I came to BOSS Because…

I was seeking something new in my life and decided to seek it out on a walkabout in the Utah desert.  I wanted to experience the natural world on its own terms.   I ended up finding way more than what I came for.  I found a new way of life.

I Teach at BOSS Because…

I want to share the gifts and beauty of the natural world with everyone.  I hope to help people see that the wild is not such a wild place after all, and that they are capable of way more than they know or could ever dream.  Wilderness survival and primitive skills are just tools we teach to help people be comfortable in the bush, but hearing about the way students apply our philosophies to their daily lives, both in the front and back country, is what I love the most.  Teaching at BOSS is my way of being a steward for our planet.

Interesting Trivia about Michael:

  • Favorite band is the Police
  • Favorite books are any of the Calvin and Hobbes books
  • Favorite movie is Jeremiah Johnson and his parents used the music from the movie in their wedding
  • Studies Wilderness Education at Prescott College
  • Loves trail running with his dog Kelly
  • His super power is being able to tell time accurately without a watch