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Michael Denisoff

Michael Denisoff
  • First Year at BOSS: 1996
  • Current Position: Instructor
  • Hometown:
  • Currently Resides In: Redondo Beach, CA

I came to BOSS Because…

Since I was a small child I had a strong affinity with aboriginal culture and spirituality. Through the years I taught myself as much as I could and was fortunate enough to cross paths with a variety of teachers. One day while watching television I saw a short story on BOSS. I immediately knew I had to go and called them up. Even though all the courses were completely filled, I kept bothering them until Josh created a way for me to attend a course.

I Teach at BOSS Because…

I teach at BOSS because of four reasons. First, wisdom literature tells us that you never really learn something until you teach it and I want to really want to learn primitive living skills. Second, it is amazing to share these skills and share the unique BOSS experience with the students. Additionally, the land where the courses are held is both beautiful and sacred to me. And lastly, it is amazing to be a part of the BOSS community.

Interesting Trivia about Michael:

  • One summer, Michael lived with the Lakota on the Pineridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota where he had the adventure and honor of a lifetime learning many of their ways, their language and their wisdom.
  • Michael has an MBA and runs a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategy, organizational effectiveness, and leadership development.
  • Earlier in life, Michael was a competitive runner and played on a national championship football team in college. His nickname was (and still is) “Flash.”