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Laurel Holding

Laurel Holding
  • First Year at BOSS: 2000
  • Current Position: Master Instructor and Director of Program Development

I came to BOSS Because…

I had an interest in anthropology and archaeology, a passion for the outdoors, and a desire to live more simply. The BOSS program seemed to be very challenging and to expect a lot from its students, which appealed to me. I wondered if I would be tough enough to survive.

I Teach at BOSS Because…

I believe in the value of the BOSS experience and the importance of preserving these skills, which are part of our human heritage. When I am in the field I feel at home. Leading BOSS courses is humbling and often uncomfortable, and in the best possible way. And after close to 20 years with BOSS I must say that I consider my co-staff like a second family. A second family full of rugged, talented and good folks. So I continue to sweat it out because they support and inspire me.

Interesting Trivia about Laurel:

  • Laurel is a professional butcher.
  • She is an avid bowhunter, and has taken Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk and Dusky Grouse with her bow on Boulder Mountain
  • Laurel has a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University.

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