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Jesse Turnidge

Jesse Turnidge
  • First Year at BOSS: 2003
  • Current Position: Head Instructor
  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington
  • Currently Resides In: Payson, Utah

I came to BOSS Because…

My mother always told me about BOSS. She worked for BOSS in the 70’s. That’s what sparked my interest and helped to cultivate my passion for the wilderness / skills so I knew I would be coming to BOSS from a young age. Also, I was looking for a great adventure.

I Teach at BOSS Because…

I teach at BOSS because of my passion for the outdoors and all of the skills involved. And the way that BOSS teaches is so in line with my own outdoor ethics. I also get to meet and learn from a great variety of people on each and every course.

Interesting Trivia about Jesse:

  • His favorite animal is the Wolf.
  • Jesse has traveled through France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, England, Ireland, Canada, and Mexico (in addition to the US).
  • Jesse has spent time at a Celtic gathering in Ireland and with the Tarahumara of Copper Canyon, Mexico to learn traditional skills.
  • Jesse is an accomplished metalsmith, creating beautiful pieces of jewelry in gold and silver.

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