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BOSS Grants

A BOSS Grant is a grant awarded in amounts of $500, $750, and $1,000. It can be applied to any BOSS Course and any student or alumni is welcome to apply. We encourage those who require funding to apply early in the year.

To receive a BOSS Grant, you must meet the basic requirements to attend BOSS. This doesn’t mean you need to be a survival expert or have survival training, but it does mean that you need to be 18 years old and physically and mentally capable of handling the BOSS course for which you are applying. For more information see your course page or our page on who goes to BOSS.

There will be up to three rounds of BOSS Grants in 2018.

The deadline for round one is March 25. Recipients will be announced on April 1.
The deadline for round two is May 6. Recipients will be announced May 12.
The deadline for round three (if necessary) will be May 20. Recipients will be announced May 27.

Applications will be accepted until May 20 as long as we still have funding available. However, there is a chance the third round could be canceled if we distribute all funds in the first and second rounds. Therefore we encourage those who require funding to apply early.

BOSS Grants are awarded based on two criteria:

1) Financial Need

All scholarship funds come from our alumni who already paid for their BOSS experience in full and are now helping others. We have a commitment to them and to the world to use these funds to support people who really need the help. Therefore, you will be asked to provide information from your last IRS tax return to help determine the level of need. This information is private and is viewable only by the BOSS Scholarship Committee.

2) Benefit to student

With many qualified applicants, we want to be awarding scholarships to those we think are most likely to benefit from BOSS. This is hard to measure or define. All instructors have been through the experience, therefore have a good sense of what a particular course is likely to provide.

Rules for BOSS Grants:

  • Students who receive BOSS Grants must complete all paperwork and deposits required for their course within 30 days of receiving the grant, otherwise the grant will be forfeited.
  • A BOSS Grant can used towards tuition for any BOSS Field Course, Skills Course or Explorer Course. (Note: This does not include WFR, WFR Recertification, or the Slickrock Gathering).
  • BOSS Grants are not transferrable to other students or to courses offered in future years.
  • There is a $5 application fee for Slideroom, our hosting provider.

To apply for a BOSS Grant please fill out the application for BOSS Grants at:

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