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Matt Mollenkopf

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First Year at BOSS: 2016
Current Position: Instructor
Hometown: Cary, North Carolina
Currently Resides In: Boulder, Utah

I came to BOSS because:

I needed a strong change in the way I was living, and felt a longing to connect with the more than human world. I wanted to find a place and people where this change would be nurtured and challenged in equal measure. This land, these people, and the dynamic collaboration between them offered the perfect kind of crucible for uniting my life, and a very old way of living in the world.

I teach at BOSS because:

I feel awesomely indebted to this community for the experience of my student course. Teaching here affords me the opportunity to offer such experiences to others. I believe the value of what BOSS offers is crucial in a time and place like ours, where the story of what it means to be human has been so distorted as to convince us there is no other possible way to meet our needs. There is a story being told each time a foot falls on a BOSS course, each time the lungs inspire, each time a fire alights: a story of Less Stuff, and More Life.

About Matt Mollenkopf:

Matthew trained rigorously as an actor at the William Esper Acting Studio. He considers himself a perpetual student; particularly of story, anthropology, regenerative practices, food, and ecology through the lenses of bird language and wildlife tracking. Matthew is an organic farmer.

BOSS™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.