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Adam Wundrow

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First Year at BOSS: 2018
Current Position: Apprentice Instructor
Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin
Currently Resides In: Langley, Washington

I came to BOSS because:

I have been traveling to Utah since 2006. I quickly fell in love with the landscape and all the adventures I had there. I learned about BOSS from a dear friend, and after some time decided to give it a go.

I teach at BOSS because:

After taking a 14-day Field Course I immediately knew that I wanted to come back to be a part of the community and help teach. I love being in this beautiful landscape.

About Adam Wundrow:

Adam is a rock climber, hiker, and trail runner, and has a permaculture design certificate from the Bullock Brothers’ Homestead on Orcas Island in Washington State. Adam’s career is in renewable energy.

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