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BOSS COVID-19 response

Updated 5/13


Dear BOSS students and community,

Thank you for your continuing support as we navigate the unfolding COVID-19 situation.

We are monitoring the situation closely, and keeping in contact with peer organizations, health experts, and national and local agencies to make sure we are up to date with the best possible information as we look to this year’s field season.

Alongside our peer organizations and medical consultants, our main sources of information are:
  1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  2. The World Health Organization
  3. Utah Department of Health

After extensively consulting all our sources, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel all courses through July 4. We just couldn’t find a way to run those courses that we felt would adequately ensure the health and safety of students, staff and our community in Boulder, Utah.

This was a tough decision for many reasons. It meant that we had to reach out to a long list of students and tell them their courses are canceled. It means there is now less work for our staff. It means that BOSS, like so many businesses and people right now, is facing some grim financial choices.

Staff who are working have taken pay cuts, and we’re striving to do more with less (we have some experience here), tightening our collective belts, and working hard to make sure BOSS is strong, lean, and ready to run courses as soon as we’re able.

There is a lot we can’t control right now, but we will do everything in our power to get students into the field this season. Staff are ready to teach, the landscape is as compelling as ever, and our store yurt is stocked with blankets and knives.

We will announce a decision on courses starting July 19 in the first week of June.

In the meantime, BOSS is in project mode, doing what we can to offer something meaningful to our community, locally and afar. I’ll continue to send updates via our mailing list.

Because of COVID-19, BOSS has lost the majority of its revenue. To help support the school through these tough times, you can donate to the BOSS Emergency Fund.

What we’re experiencing now is unprecedented. Every week brings new challenges and unanticipated change. Through all of this I am doing my best to practice what we preach. Stay calm, make good decisions, and make a positive impact. I am enormously grateful for the strength, adaptability, and generosity of the BOSS community.

Enrolled students who cannot attend their course because of the COVID-19 pandemic can use the balance they’ve already paid towards a future BOSS course. A full refund (minus a fee of 4% to cover bank fees) is an option. However, we are asking BOSS students to consider keeping their registration to use on a future BOSS trip. We are a small nonprofit and these funds are important for paying our skeleton crew of staff, our mortgage, and keeping the lights on. Deferring enrollment like this will support our school and our staff through these unprecedented times. To say thank you, we will honor the 2020 course prices for your future BOSS course, no matter how much our costs and course prices have increased.

Thank you for being a part of this community, and we look forward to seeing you in the field!

All my best,
Eli Loomis
BOSS Executive Director

If you have any questions about BOSS’s response to COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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