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You can apply for a course by phone or online. If you have any questions or want to speak in person, call us at 435.335.7404 or 800.335.7404 during the months of May through September.  From October through April we are available at 385-275-9675.

Please complete the information below and click “Submit.” Your information will be sent to our office and we will contact you within a few hours (next business day, if on a weekend) – by phone or email – so that we can discuss your course interest, check availability and confirm your registration. If you do not hear from us soon, please call to confirm we have the right information. In order to register, a deposit of $750 for a 28-Day Field course or $550 for all other courses will be required. You can place this deposit with us using a MasterCard or VISA but we’ll review all of this once we’ve contacted you and discussed things.

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