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Cat Farneman

Cat Farneman
First year at boss


Current Position:

Specialist Instructor


Santa Barbara, CA


St. George, Utah and Spring City, Utah


When BOSS first asked me to teach at the Slickrock Gathering, I said, "I'm not worthy." They replied with "we would consider it an honor." So I was hooked. Not hard since I love to teach people about the medicinal uses of plants.


I love empowering people to be able to help themselves, especially when it comes to first aid and minor medicinal needs. I love seeing the "discovery" in students' eyes when they learn how to recognize a medicinal plant, how to harvest it and extract the medicinal properties and put them into a usable, storeable and transportable product.

Also, with rising healthcare costs and a sense of dependence upon modern medicine, I feel it is prudent to step back and take a more personal interest in our health. When we are more in tune with our bodies and take a more natural approach to health care, we can comfortably use the medicinal properties of plants to suppress disease organisms and relieve the stress of symptoms while allowing the body to heal itself.

Interesting trivia about Cat:

  • Cat has traveled all over the United States, western Europe, western Canada and most of Mexico. She and her husband Hal have lived in Germany for the first three years of their marriage.

  • Most of Cat's medicinal plants training came from one-on-one experiences with native healers/medicine people who were willing to share time with her, although she did take a Master Herbalist course, has attended numerous medicinal plants seminars, and reads way too many books on this subject.

  • The moment that most changed her life was when one of her medicinal plants/energetic medicine teachers looked deep into her eyes and asked: "Don't you know who you are?" The quest to find the answer put her feet onto a healers' pathway and she's never looked back.

  • Cat's favorite food is dark chocolate.

  • Cat has been married for 42 years this March 2011 and has two sons and seven grandchildren. Her oldest Granddaughter, Raven, helps her by gathering medicinal plants from her home area in Washington State and makes them into infused oils and tinctures with her.