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At BOSS, we recognize that the quality of your experience with us depends on the quality of your instructors. Learn more about our current staff and what it takes to work for BOSS.

Greg Nunn

Greg Nunn
First year at boss


Current Position:

Specialist Instructor


Born in Ventura, California. Raised on a cattle ranch outside of Moab, Utah.


Castle Valley, Utah


I came to BOSS to teach Flintknapping, I couldn't say no because I love the folks that work there, and the atmosphere is like home.


I love teaching because I love the thrill of sharing, and watching the excitement of students while learning. It isn’t knowledge if we don’t share it.

Interesting Trivia About Greg:

  • Greg loves to hunt, using bow and arrow, guns or whatever it takes to fill the freezer. Right now, his freezer is filled with Buffalo, Deer, Elk, and Pronghorn.

  • Greg likes almost all kinds of food. His grandfather used to say "You can't poison a pig!" Favorites, however, are Chocolate Éclairs, Buffalo meat with extra fat, and Chile Rellenos.

  • He is a part time gold miner, has a keen interest in Geology, and a deep understanding of how the earth we walk on was formed and deformed.

  • For many years, Greg was a member of the American Penstemon Society. He is a wildflower freak, and very partial to Penstemons. All of the colors of the universe are represented in the Penstemon.

  • He has spent three summers in Denmark and Sweden researching Neolithic Flint Daggers from Scandinavia.