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BOSS Staff

At BOSS, we recognize that the quality of your experience with us depends on the quality of your instructors. Learn more about our current staff and what it takes to work for BOSS.

Working for boss


The Boulder Outdoor Survival School is run by approximately 25 hardy souls who handle field operations (instructors, apprentices, backup/support, logistics, etc.) and customer service (course registration, brochure requests, general inquiries, etc.). Lean and strong, the BOSS team know each other well and enjoy spending time together, on the trail and off.

BOSS instructors bring to their courses a diverse background of personal experiences with traditional cultures. Malaysia, Borneo and Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Africa, Israel, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Europe, and the Arctic are just a few of the places BOSS staff have lived and learned from the native peoples, not to mention the knowledge gained from North America's heritage of native tribes and nations.

Interested in possibly working at BOSS? All field staff members are required to be students at BOSS first and must then successfully complete the BOSS Apprenticeship program to learn more about the school's philosophy in practice. Instructors are selected for their sound judgement; strong leadership, interpersonal and communicative skills; and their broad knowledge of traditional living crafts and arts. Wilderness medical training is required as well, and all instructors are offered a series of refresher-courses to help keep all relevant skills in top form.

It is our commitment to excellent staff (and the staff's passion for and dedication to the BOSS mission) that has given our students, time and time again, courses of unequalled caliber with instructors who make every BOSS course the best it can be.

To learn a little about our current staff members, please click on the "Details" links to the right. To learn more about the BOSS Apprenticeship program, discounts offered for outdoor guides, scholarships and more, click on the "Learn More" tab.