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"A Test of Survival" - Introduction

Published: 11/30/2010

Over the years, BOSS has hosted a number of television crews on its courses. Of all the various productions - from MTV to National Geographic - none has captured the essential qualities of a Field course like this one from KCNC-TV, the CBS affiliate in Denver.

"A Test of Survival" was filmed in October, 2000, after a summer of Survivor-mania on CBS. To learn what real survival might be like, CBS News in Denver sent evening anchor Bill Stuart out for a 7-Day Field course. Bill joined 6 other students to see who would and wouldn't survive in the cold, rainy autumn of Southern Utah. This 5-part series aired in February, 2001, over 5 weeks.

Some of the content (mostly the technology discussed in the beginning) is a bit dated, but the Field course experience itself is timeless and worth watching. While every BOSS course is different, we hope you'll enjoy what you see here and that it inspires you to come experience a BOSS course for yourself.

© 2001 CBS / KCNC-TV. Group W Television Stations. Streamed with permission. All Rights Reserved.