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Medical Information

It is your responsibility to help us assess your medical health and your ability to successfully complete a course. Therefore, you must undergo a medical examination and receive approval from your physician in order to take a BOSS course. Any and all medications that you plan to be taking on a course must be stated clearly on your course paperwork and any issues, allergies or concerns you may have should be noted and discussed with us prior to your arrival.

It seems that many people these days are on some form of medication. Normally, this may not be much cause for concern. However, it is possible that your reaction to a medication could change as your diet or level of exertion changes. You may react differently when in the hot, summer sun... or at altitude. Add to this the fact that BOSS courses often take place in extremely remote locations where professional medical assistance may be hours or days away and you can understand why we ask for your full disclosure when it comes to what medications you might be taking. Whether it's Prozac, lithium, aspirin, birth control pills, or just vitamins, we want to know about it and ask that you please list all medications and supplements on your Health History Form during the application process. This helps us better evaluate your health and understand what effect a course might have on your physiology or body chemistry. The more we know about you, the better we can do our jobs to help you have an enjoyable course.

Meds on Field and Explorer Courses

BOSS requires all students who are on medications or supplements to get a physician's letter explaining the medication, its purposes, and possible side effects. Some medications require that they be taken with a full stomach and plenty of water and both students and physicians must realize that this may not be possible every day on certain courses. Therefore, students must have clear, written permission from their MD to take these medications on an empty stomach with little or no water. If you are unable to take a necessary medication on an empty stomach, it may preclude you from taking a Field or Explorer course.

Meds on Skills Courses

Because students on a Skills course eat regularly and are in a relatively non-strenuous environment, we do allow more students on medications on Skills courses. Please be sure, however, to provide all relevant information to us so that we can be aware of possible side-effects and complications. This includes allergies to foods and bees, ants, wasps, etc.

Meds on Training and Custom Courses

All Training and Custom course students will need to complete a Health History Form and a Medical Examination Form (signed by an MD) prior to their acceptance in the course. Because the degree of strenuous activity varies on these courses, the specific details concerning medication use in the field will be discussed during the enrollment process. As always, if you are taking a course at BOSS and will be taking medications, please let us know in advance so that we can be fully informed.

If you have questions or concerns about medications or how they may affect your time with us, please contact us.