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Course Basics

BOSS offers Field Courses, Skills Courses, Explorer Courses, Training Courses, and Custom Courses.

Field Courses

The BOSS Field Course has been our signature trip since 1968: Ultra-light travel through Southern Utah's mountains, mesas and canyons with little more than a blanket, poncho, and a knife. No tents, sleeping bags, stoves, or backpacks, and definitely no watches, radios, or cellphones. Your goal is to learn to 'live in the now' as your small group hikes many miles and learns the skills of Ancestral Puebloan cultures. Not for the faint of heart, a BOSS Field Course is for those seeking a challenge and a chance to renew; offered in 28-day, 14-day and 7-day formats. No previous outdoor skills or knowledge is needed.

Skills Courses

BOSS Skills Courses are typically held in our Durfey Creek Basecamp, in an aspen meadow at 9,000' on Boulder Mountain, with possible day and/or overnight trips into the desert for gathering. Some of BOSS's most-skilled instructors will teach you primitive survival skills like cordage, friction fire, shelter construction, edible plants, and flintknapping. Instruction is hands-on and class sizes are small to ensure good supervision.  A wilderness cook-area is set up for meals, as we want you to focus on the skills and be prepared to learn from dawn until dusk. Skills Courses are offered in 14-Day and 7-Day formats. This category also includes the annual Slickrock Gathering, held on BOSS's property each spring. No previous outdoor skills or knowledge is needed.

Explorer Courses

BOSS Explorer Courses offer a rustic wilderness experience without the physically-challenging Impact phase of Field Courses. Hiking is common for Explorer courses, as we travel through different ecosystems and seasons to discover the beauty and mystery of Boulder Mountain, the Escalante River system, and the Kaiparowitz Plateau. Some courses target specific skills, like the Desert Navigator or Ancestral Storytelling course, while others target specific experiences, like the Hunter Gatherer, Pathfinder or Survival Rescue course. Some Explorer courses have prerequisites; on others, no previous outdoor skills or knowledge is needed.

Training Courses

BOSS Training Courses offer medical certification and recertification for guides, outdoor trip leaders, and others interested in having the Wilderness First Responder certification. These are coordinated with the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS and taught at BOSS's facility in Boulder, Utah in the spring. This category also includes the Outdoor Educator course, designed specifically for employed or aspiring professionals in the outdoor industry who seek to learn more about how BOSS does what it does. Some courses have prerequisites; on others, no previous outdoor skills or knowledge is needed.

Custom Courses

Looking for a personalized BOSS course? BOSS Custom Courses are designed specifically to meet your needs. In recent years, we've created a number of custom courses for Boy Scout troops, non-profit foundations, and even for people who just want to enjoy a modified BOSS experience. This category also includes the work we've done for newspapers and magazines, television programs, and movie studios, including VOGUE, 20th Century Fox, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, The History Channel, and National Geographic Television.

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